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How to Use a Miter Saw

Miter saw is a portable machine designed for cutting or sawing at a straight or required angle of the end face of a wooden workpiece. There are stationary models; they are installed in factories for the serial production of products from light alloys, polymeric materials, wood and products of its processing. The name comes from the merger of the words “end”, which means a transverse perpendicular or at an angle cut, which has the form of a workpiece, and an angular joint.

All modern miter saws are equipped with dust bags. Instead of bags for stationary use, you can connect a vacuum cleaner. The algorithm of work is quite simple: the operator sets the workpiece on the bed, makes the markup. It sets the saw to be washed in the right direction, at the required angle. Then it turns on the saw and lowers it with the pendulum mechanism onto the workpiece. By applying a slight downward force, the workpiece is trimmed.

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Types and differences of Miter Saws

It will be more correct to split the miter saws into two large categories. The first category is sawing in the usual version – and the second is a combined version. This saw has an additional sawing table at the top. Therefore, this type of saw is called combined, as it additionally combines the capabilities of a stationary circular saw. Given that such saws are 2.5-3 times more expensive than usual, we do not recommend considering them for purchase for private use. It is clearly more professional equipment.

Pay attention to the nuances and types of various miter saws. The average blade diameter is 10-12 inches so that you can count on a convenient cut of various elements. On average, you can expect a saw to work at an angle of 90 or 45 degrees. Each saw can also have its type of blade rotation and a sliding system, which depends on the type of construction. All this affects the format of use of the saw and a unique indicator for inclusion. You can also connect the knife lever and use it at an angle to cut workpieces depending on your goals. It is worth noting that you need to use a respirator and a protective mask so that small fractions do not get into your eyes. Take care of protecting the ears and other parts of the body so that you can work comfortably with the miter saw.

Cutting with a Miter Saw

Prepare the workpiece and fix it to cut into pieces. Mom should place a special line along which the blades will run. To lower the saw down to go through the boards and the Techno cut, you need parts. If the workpiece is too long, you can fold it into several parts. It is worth noting that you need to hold the wood blank no closer than 6 inches from the blade. Safety depends on it. Do not touch the saw to avoid damage. Nor should you cross your arms while cutting the workpiece. Move the blade blank along the blade to get the desired result.

How to choose a Miter Saw?

It is unlikely that a person who has no idea what to do with it or who is far from carpentry craft will decide to buy a miter saw. Having decided on the purchase of trimming, he will face a rather difficult task – the choice. For it to be correct, you should decide:

What is it for? What work is to be done? To make furniture or picture frames. Build or repair, reconstruct, or restore.  Engines on miter saws can be installed in three types:

  • The engines are archaic, heavy, and noisy. It’s reliable and durable at the same time. The rotation is transmitted through the gearbox or with the help of a belt since the electric motor does not develop revolutions of more than 3000, which is clearly not enough for trimming.
  • Collector (brush). They are massively used on many types of household and industrial equipment, due to the high speed and maintainability. They have disadvantages such as brush wear, noise, interference with radios and other devices.
  • Synchronization occurs using an electronic unit: reliable engines, low noise, high speed. The main disadvantage is the price.

To begin with, you must determine its purpose and operating conditions. Why do you need it? What kind of work, and most importantly, how much do you plan to produce with it? If you buy a miter saw for home use and do not plan to perform complex operations, then it is quite possible to do with a simple tool with a basic set of additional functions. If we are talking about the professional use of the miter saw and its daily use, then, naturally, you need to choose an extended version of this tool with a full set of additional features. You can consider the option of acquiring the so-called combined miter saw, which is equipped with another working table in the upper part of the cutting head, allowing it to be used as a stationary circular saw.

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