Low-Kickback Saw Chain

Tricks of the Trade: Understanding Low-Kickback Saw Chain

Low-Kickback Saw Chain is a great device that is suitable for everyday work with minimal physical risks and maximum comfort. Let’s look in more detail at a design like a saw to find out all its advantages and disadvantages. The chain bus is secured between the inner plate located on the motor housing and the outer plate available on the chaincase. The tire and the chain cover are fastened with nuts screwed onto the bolts.

There are two holes on the bus. The upper hole serves to supply oil to the chain, the lower – to tension the chain using a tensioner. Leading links of the chain are installed along the entire length of the guide groove of the tire and are engaged with the teeth of the drive sprocket.

If the Low-Kickback Saw Chain is stretched, loosen the fastening nuts and move the tire forward, creating the necessary chain tension and convenience for the mechanism. Some Komatsu Zenoah chain tensioners are equipped with an automatic chain tensioner to simplify the process for users. In general, the general mechanism of operation of this type of saw is not different from other analogs. The main thing is to choose specific parameters of use. When you have decided on the format for using this saw, you can select the most effective option and get a useful device for reasonable money. You also need to regularly inspect the mechanism for mechanical damage and sharpen the cutting mechanism for efficient operation.


The emphasis is located in front of the tire mount. It serves for a more reliable fastening of a saw in a tree. Due to the passage of the leading links through the slots of the crown, a smooth ride is ensured, vibration and wear are reduced, compared to sprockets with a permanent crown. When the top is worn, it can be replaced. However, this species has size restrictions. Such a crown cannot be used on chains in increments of 1/4.

The movement of the direct chain links due to the sprocket teeth introduces higher vibration and increased wear compared to sprocket wheels. A chain saw with minimal impact is suitable for those who cut tree trunks and form firewood. It is worth noting that each link in the chain consists of a unique heel and a sock with rivets. A special depth gauge allows you to limit the length of the cut that will enable you to adjust the cutting thickness of the wooden canvas. It is worth noting that this type of chainsaw is excellent for minimal impact.

Unique belts between the teeth allow you to minimize kickback and work comfortably for a long time. It is worth noting that such a mechanism is more difficult to hone. You will have to give your chainsaw to specialists in order to pump up the blade regularly. You also won’t be able to use this saw to cut individual small pieces of wood entirely. It is a rougher tool for primary processing that is not suitable for those who work with thin tools.

You will also have to forget about cutting large tree trunks because this type of saw is not designed for a structure of this size. You need to pay attention to similar devices with a more robust cutting mechanism. Minimal impact imposes its restrictions on the intensity of work and safety. Consider these parameters when you choose such a saw.

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